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L'Homme Invisible Golden Eye G-String
L'Homme Invisible Golden Eye G-String

Golden Eye G-String - Gold

MY83-GYE-OR1-M // 3700714106582
L'Homme Invisible
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The Golden Eye G-String thong is made with luxurious and incredibly soft Italian fabric with natural shimmer which makes it quite an amazing fabric. Unbelievable soft, silky and light and of surprising beauty, seeing is believing

The contour front pouch of Golden Eye G-String is made with a small dart instead of middle seam so that you can fully feel the gentle caresses of its luxury microfiber without any itchy seams. The pouch is single ply without lining, the soft shimmer of the fabric brings attention to your masculine parts and plays it to your advantage.

Golden Eye comes with L'Homme Invisible's usual feature of fasteners on each side of the pouch for easy undressing. You will particularly love its ergonomic cut in the Y shape at the back and enhancing front pouch with reduced seams.

Italian luxury fabric assembled in Portugal.

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